Sunday, September 29, 2013

You had me at "50 cents"

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This past weekend was the first I spent up here in Pennsylvania away from my New Yorkers. It was a fun weekend, but there was wayyyy too much downtime for my busy self.

Yet with all the free time came opportunities to reflect on the little slice of, uh, "paradise" that is Bethlehem. A constant surprise I am always greeted by are the vacant streets, which makes our college campus seem more like a ghost town then anything.

Indeed when I woke up from my slumber this beautiful Sunday afternoon I was surprised, yet I would be lying to say shocked, that I didn't see anybody roaming around the streets. Can you blame them though? With nothing else to do here besides eat and maybe gamble away your weekly allowance at the Sands, why head outdoors?

It's something I don't think I will ever understand, the appeal of a house. Being inside all day never really was my thing, and I don't really plan on adding it to my repertoire of hobbies. I try to get out of my humble shack on East 5th street as often as I can, yet many times I see the only destination for a city-born soul like me is.....drum roll.... Pantry 1 Food Mart :)

Now its hard to compete with the greatest city in the world on any level, but Bethlehem does a pretty good job for what it's worth in the snack department. Now in NYC there are plenty of stores, but my mouth stays loyal to 7-11. Now you may be asking "why Alex? In a sea of so many options why choose the chain?" Well, my worried reader, everywhere else in NYC has turned to some "gourmet/ organic/ one of a kind" snack stand/deli and I'm not about that life.

Especially ever since Lay's changed the price of potato chips to $1.09, which is utter blasphemy I'm aware, I have been loyal to 7-11. But in this battle between 7-11 and P1, it pains me to say but I give the advantage to P1. Now both have the wide array of snack goodness, from chips to sweets. But the X-FACTOR is a girl by the name of Little Debbie. My past year has shown me how great of a girl she is, providing delicious snacks for non-NYC prices. So as I unwrap another Oatmeal Cream Pie, I must say that Bethlehem evens the score, 2-2.

Decisions, Decisions...

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