Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The serious side of me, just once I promise.

As I sit down to write you all from my desk in Pennsylvania, every bit of me wishes I was back home, but I guess you knew that already.

Still, this day is very special to every American, but really hits home with New Yorkers. 12 years ago today the Twin Towers in my lovely city were brought down by terrorists. I remember the day as if it were yesterday. One minute pleasantly sitting in my middle school history class at the Collegiate School, and the next a school wide meeting unites all of my classmates in the auditorium.

Our headmaster told us the tragic news, and the room fell silent you could hear a pindrop. The mixture of shock, disgust, and sadness covered my classmates. We remained calm, and were dismissed from class, but I will never forget the heartache I had hearing names of fellow classmates being called out and asked to stay behind.

Many of my friends had family members working in the WTC, some survived and some didn't it is the brutal truth. Every year since then I have reached out my friends that have lost family on this day and catch up.

Blessings are given, but more importantly a strong bond has been made over the years. It gives me hope in New Yorkers and Americans in general. So I ask you to say a prayer, or better yet reach out to someone you know affected by this tragic day, you might even enjoy it.

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