Monday, September 23, 2013

Lemme Get A Slice Of...

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Today in class we had a nice discussion about the social media strategy of Domino's Pizza. It was an interesting discussion and it got me thinking, when do I EVER eat Domino's Pizza?

When I'm not in the city.

Now don't get me wrong, I have indulged on chicken kickers, cinnastix, and plenty of thin-crust bacon pizzas during my Pennsylvania excursions. But at the same time, nothing beats that overpriced $3- something taste of a New York slice.

Pizza is one of the many things that a NYer obsesses over (bagels, I'll save for another time). Rightly so, might I add. Even though the cost of living is beyond absurd (I mean since when is one-topping easily 3+ bucks) the taste and consistency is what separates our 'za from wack Italian toast you see other places.

Some people can't do it, but I will happily eat that $3 charge and, well, eat. If for some odd reason I ever became a vegetarian, pizza would be 2 of my 3 daily meals, fact.

As I sit here munching on some bland crust, I'm happy to give NYC the lead, 2-1.

Where's that sanitary inspection grade...

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