Sunday, September 8, 2013

A New Routine & NYC 1, Bethlehem 0

I have never really had a "routine" in my life, or at least not by choice.

Growing up in Manhattan I've simply dealt with the fact that my life is quite spontaneous, yet I have enjoyed every moment of it. However, there is always one factor of almost every born and raised Manhattanite's life that seems to force some type of scheduled restraint, school.

I happen to be in the pleasant predicament of still being in school, but I'm making the most of Bethlehem, thank you for asking. This current "routine" of mine, both being and class and weekly trips home, has shown me the green grass on both sides and I think it is time I share the scores with you all.

After waking up this morning in my apartment, I leave my lobby to to see this:
Street Fair? Why not.

Enough said, NYC 1 - Bethlehem 0.

OH, in case you missed the shocking introduction into my entertaining life, check it out:

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