Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Dear New York...

What's Playing: Dear New York - Firebeatz


For most inhabitants of South Bethlehem it's common knowledge that if you're looking for a tasty sandwich, you go to the Goosey Gander. When you walk in to "The Goose," Tony is there with a smile on his face ready to prepare you a delicious deli sandwich with a side of pleasant conversation.

I just came back from The Goose to sit down and write this, after inhaling a "Guna Melt" (you got it, Tuna salad) and having a nice conversation with Tony on his birthday (The guy works on his birthday...dedication).

It got me thinking that New York City, though it is known for many things, has failed to present me with a go-to sandwich place, at least one near my house on the Upper East Side. Now I know I can get a nice burger at JG Melon's, a pastrami sandwich from Pastrami Queen or Katz's Delicatessen, and essentially an over-priced salad anywhere, but where can I get a nice deli sammy?! Is that so hard?

I don't want to go to Subway, it smells funny and you know it does too. I can go to any corner deli and attempt to get a sandwich, but who knows what the guy behind the counter is preparing (I once asked for ham and got roast beef, don't ask me how). However, when I go to The Goose I know Tony knows his menu like the back of his hand, and he makes every sandwich as if it were his own.

After eating at The Goose multiple times, I've come up with "Tony's Steps" that provides the perfect mathematical equation for a good sandwich:

Good Quality Deli Meat +
Giving 2 Sh!ts about what you're making +
A whole bunch of sauce (personal preference) =
Perfect Sandwich.

Tony has perfected this art, applying ample amounts of Russian Dressing to any combination of meat you can imagine, and it works!

I ask that deli owners take note of Tony. Who knows, maybe when I graduate I'll ask to start a Goose operation in New York City. I feel like that would be a delicious job to have. 

Tony....this ones for you. Bethlehem 3 - New York City 2.


  1. First time Sketchlehem has the one up. Maybe you should open a nice old Goose out in the NYC.

  2. I've had their Guna Melts. They are indeed awesome. My favorite, though, is the classic BLT because Tony goes heavy on the "B." I do not shy away from B.