Monday, October 28, 2013

Where The Beats Never End

What's Playing: Where The Beats... - Scooter

Bethlehem needs an establishment, venue, area to provide musical entertainment to both students and residents. Musical venues within a town should be a given. I've been lucky enough to be raised in NYC with one of the richest and diverse music scenes.

I love going to musical shows. I say show because I've been in traditional "concert" settings like Meatloaf at the Beacon Theatre, as well as "experiences" like going to Electric Zoo all 5 years it's been on Randalls Island.

I was recently reminded of this major difference in "hometowns" this past weekend when I was in NYC and was able to see Boys Noize at Output in Brooklyn. It was an intimate venue, certainly more towards a club/lounge than venue, but still an enjoyable place I would recommend and will go to in the future.

Now, as I sit in my house in Pennsylvania, I realize I have no music scene to go to. I could go to one of the many bars, where I am sure to hear the same 80s playlist I have been listening to for the past 4 years. I could hear the rambling townies at an open-mic night at Molly's or an involuntary game of karaoke at Sotto's. Needless to say the options are few. SteelStacks and Sands have shed some light on the little town of Bethlehem, though. They both offer good music, but their schedules are sporatic to say the least, and unless you're trying to cough up top dollar you might as well forget it.

If there are any people seeking business ideas out there, bring an establishment with some musical aspect to Bethlehem. I guarantee you will succeed.

EPIC Night @ Terminal 5

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  1. I completely agree! Dancing in the Dark was pretty cool awesome and had cool artists like Krewella for a cheap price. However, it's not happening this year. It'd be awesome if there was a cool lounge/venue that offered musical entertainment.

    Also, did you hear the rumors of Roseland Ballroom closing in April? So bummed to hear about it.