Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Eat. Sleep. _____. Repeat.

What's Playing: Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat - Fatboy Slim & Riva Starr

It's been a while since I've posted on the SMALL apple and I apologize for keeping you from the exciting moments of my exhilarating life. Honestly though, it's been quite hectic living this sort of double life and I am afraid it seems to be catching up to me.

Since the semester started I've been commuting back and forth from PA to NYC for school and weekends. Unfortunately, most of the time I have spent back home in NYC has been with friends, going out, and essentially anything else that will help me procrastinate and try to wipe my memory clear of where I spend the other half of my week.

This has had it's detrimental effect on my studies though. For the past two weeks I have been grinding non-stop just to catch up with the work I have easily brushed off till a later date. Well, that date has come my friends.

Now I know I will be okay. I know I will power through and get all of my work done so that this weekend in New York will be enjoyable, but my poorly managed time schedule has shed some light on my hometown.

NYC is definitely not suitable for the weak. NYers are always on a constant hustle getting from point A to point B, and it is in your best interest not to get in the way. Some people might fall in to the trap of constant distractions, opportunities, and adventures that await around the corner of each block.

Being so close to graduation I wonder if the city is the place for me in the near future. I mean I want to live their when I grow up, but would I decline a job offer that forced me to relocate to a different city? That. I do not know. I'm sure my pockets would appreciate the alleviated stress of city life, and it might be nice to be able to settle down somewhere and make a name for yourself in a smaller sea of fishes, so to speak.

For now, the city is my home and I will love it for that. But I've been enjoying my time in Bethlehem slightly more and more with each passing weak. The silence, sounds of nature, and lack of cabs are soothing but I wouldn't be myself if I didn't have that chaos factor in my life somehow. I do not know whether to give credit to Bethlehem for letting me accomplish my work, or to NYC for being so good at distracting...I guess to each his own.

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